Snale, Ann, and Nathaniel Newton Mason, 1 June, 1758, Norfolk Co., Va.

Snale, Elizabeth, and James Langley, 1 Oct., 1771, Norfolk Co., Va.

Snaile, Frances, and James Woodhouse, 20 Nov., 1762, Princess Anne Co., Va.

Snell, Martha, and Samuel Hensley, 3 March, 1727, Spotsylvania Co., Va.

Snell, Susanna and William Windsor, 10 March, 1802, Alexandria Co., Va. Then D. C.

Snail, Capt. Thomas, and Elizabeth W. Haynes, 26 July, 1762, Lancaster Co., Va.

Snale, Capt. Thomas, and Elizabeth, daughter of William Ivy, Sr., 14 Sept., 1763, Norfolk Co., Va.  

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 5, October 1921 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry