American Marriages for 1788

Compiled from Newspapers of 1788-9.

Princess Ann - Patrick Parker, Esq., to Miss Mary Aitcheson.
Richmond - Robt. Page, Jr., to Miss Sally Page.
Petersburg - Miles Hunter to Miss Sally Pritchard.
Alexandria - Capt. Thos. Pumell to Miss IHannah Walker.
Alexandria - Col. John Allison to Miss Rebeccah M'Rhea.
Alexandria - John Love to Miss Betsey Watson.
Richmond - Wm. Marshall to Miss Alice Adams.
Williamsburg - John Nicholas to Miss Louisa Carter.
Alexandria - Capt. Job Green to Miss Lydia Hewes.
Richmond - Philip Southall to Miss Jane Wilson.
Richmond - Roger Atkmson, Jr., to Miss Ages Pothyress.
Richmond - fttjrton Shipworth of Mecklinburgh Co., to Miss Miller.
Richmond - Richard Brewer to Miss Ann Blackwell of Maryland.
Richmond - James Govan to Miss Elizabeth Garlick.
Alexandria - Mtingo Dykes to Miss Nancy Longdone.
Fredericksburg - Peter Garts of Bal- timore, to Miss Peggy Lilly.
Fredericksburg - Francis Whiting of Gloucester, to Miss Polly Fox.

SOURCE: Vol, 4, No 7, July-August 1914 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry