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Carter county records – Halifax County


Jan 26, 2014


(Halifax County Records)

The will of John Carter, Halifax County, Virginia, Book (1), page 370, June 18, 1781:- I, John Carter, of Halifax County, Virginia, “My beloved wife Mary Carter; My daughters Ann Waddill, Elizabeth Carter, Mary Carter, Sally Carter; My three oldest sons, Richard, Theoderick and Robert Carter.

“To my son James Carter, the land whereon I now live.”

Son Francis Carter, wife Mary, Exectrx. – Mr. William Boyd, and my brothers Richard and Theo. Carter, my Executors. – Signed, John Carter.

Test: Benjamine Hobson, David Bates, Charles Carter, Noel Waddill, Theo. Carter. June 18, 1781.

William Carter – Deed of Trust, Book 34, page 161. July 28, 1826. This Indenture between George and William Carter, of Halifax County, State of Virginia, of the first part, and James Adkins, of the 2nd part, and Richard Camp, of the 3rd part, – For the sum of five hundred and eighty-six dollars and sixty cents, William and George Carter make a Deed of Trust to the above mentioned parties, on the following sale of their estate, & & Viz: One negro woman, named Anis, aged about 38, and her six children, namely Betsy, aged 16 ; Towerhill, aged 12; Chloe, nine; Rachel, six; Clory, 5; Daphne, 3; and one other negro named Cella, and her child, Moses, about 3 months old. One yoke of oxen, one cart, 6 head of cattle, 16 hogs, together with all of my household and kitchen furniture and plantation utensils. Signed, William Carter, George Carter.

Book 44, page 599. 1738. William Carter buys from Doswell Warren and his wife Sarah Warren, a certain tract of land in Halifax Count. Signed, Doswell Warren, Sarah Warren. 1738.  

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 9, October 1922 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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