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Hall, Nathan – Albermarle County


Jan 26, 2014


(U. S. Pension Record)

Nathan Hall of Virginia, born about 1747, in Hanover Co., Va. Removed to Albemarle Co. before the “War. Applied for pension Oct. 1, 1832. Hall was drafted three times. Twice he procured a substitute (during 1780, he thinks), and in 1781 he marched from Albemarle under Col. Reuben Lindsey, and joined the army under General Lafayette at Richmond. During his first month’s service he participated in what was commonly called the Wild Goose Chase, which was after the march through Hanover Co. to Fredericksburg, and through Louisa Co., and to the three notched road to Mychunk Creek. He was then sent to Albemarle Barracks, where he served as shoemaker for the troops for six months. The prisoners from Burgoyne’s army had been removed over the mountains and a number of tailors, shoemakers, saddlers, etc., were employed at the Barracks, on work for the American army. He recalls the names of Captains Tibbs and John Peyton, General Thomas Nelson, and (he thinks) Capt. Thomas Miller.

Robert Lindsey certifies that Nathan Hall, Sr., lived with him as miller for 5 years. “I do believe there does not exist a more honest, just man in the State.” . . . “there are few men more to be depended on as to what he may say or make oath to.”

W. T. Alligree relates recommending Hall to Rev. John B. Magruder as a keeper of his grist mill, and receiving the minister’s thanks a year or more later for sending him so honest and good a man.

Rev. Thornton Rogers, Abraham Hawley who had known Hall for 16 years, and Charles Huckstep who had known Hall for 50 years, testify in his behalf.

SOURCE: Vol, X, No 5, October 1921 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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