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Virginia Volunteers of 1774


Jan 28, 2014

Virginia Volunteers of 1774

List of Captain Thomas Buford’s Volunteer Company, raised in Bedford county, Va., who formed part of the army under General Andrew Lewis at the battle with the Indians at Point Reasant, the 10th of October, 1774.

Thomas Buford, Captain; Thomas Dooley, Lieutenant; Jonathan Cundiff, Ensign; Nicholas Meade, William Kenedy and Thomas Fliping, Sergeants.

Abraham Sharp
Absolam Mcclanahan
William Bryant
William McColister
James Scarbara
John McClanahan
James McBride
John Carter
William Overstreet
Robert Hill
Samuel Davis
Zachariah Kennot
Augustine Hackworth
William Cook
Uriah Squires
Thomas Hall
William Hamrick
Nathaniel Cooper
Adam Lin
Thomas Stephens
William Keer
Gerrott Kelley
James Ard
William Deal
John Bozel
John Welch
Robert Boyd
Thomas Hamrick
James Boyd
James Dale
Robert Ewing
Francis Seed
William Hackworth
John Roberts
John White
Joseph Bunch
John Cook
Mr. Waugh
John Mculahlen
John Campbell
William Campbell
Jacob Dooley
Thomas Owen
John Read
John Woood

SOURCE: Vol, 4, No 8, September 1914 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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