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Alexander, Robert – Bedford County

VIRGINIA ALEXANDERS Children of Robert Alexander and Ann, his wife, nee Austin, who were married in Bedford County, Va., on or about 10 March, 1774. 1. William Alexander, born 7…

Price, Charles – Bedford County

REV, CHARLES PRICE OF VIRGINIA Rev. Charles Price was a minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Episcopal Church. By an order of the County Court of Bedford County, Virginia,…

Bedford County Fee Book for 1764

EARLY VIRGINIA RECORDS (Bedford County Fee Book for 1764) On a recent visit to Virginia the following names were obtained from a fee book of 1764, found among the records…

Noell Family, Bedford County

NOELL FAMILY OF VIRGINIA Cornelius Noell, Sr., died in Bedford County, Va., in 1821; he left a will, dated 14 Oct. 1820, which was probated in Bedford County 27 March…

Smith Marriages – Bedford County

VIRGINIA SMITH MARRIAGES. (Bedford County Records.) Henry Smith and Mary Birks, 26 May, 1761.Lawrence McGeorge and Nancy Smith, daughter of John, 22, Sept., 1775.Daniel Trigg and Ann Smith, daughter of…

Walker, Rober will extract – Bedford County

WALKER, ROBERT.Bedford Co., Va. Will filed March 24, 1767.wife Agatha.s. Elijah Walker.d. Sally Walker.d. Judea Walker. Vol, VIII, No 10, October 1919 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

Morris, Daniel will extract – Bedford County

MORRIS, DANIELBedford Co., Va. Will filed 24 Nov. 1767.s. Ezekial Morriss. Joseph Morriss. Daniel Morriss. John Morrisd. Elizabeth Morrisd. Mary Morrisd. Jane Morrisd. Sarah Morris SOURCE: Vol, IX, No 8,…

Loving, William will extract – Bedford County

LOVING, William.Bedford Co., Va. Will filed Sept. 22, 1767.s. Henry Loving.s. John Loving.d. Patty Loving.d. Catty Loving. SOURCE: Vol, IX, No 6, October 1920 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

Lawson, Jonas will extract – Bedford County

LAWSON, JONAS.Bedford Co.. Va. Will filed Sept. 24, 1771.s. David Lawson.g.s. David Lawson.g.s. John Lawson.g.s. William Lawson. SOURCE: Vol, IX, No 6, October 1920 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

Ballard surname Marriages, Bedford County

BEDFORD CO. VA. BALLARD MARRIAGES. William Ballard and Rachel Moorman, 8-25-1768. South River Meeting-House. Barclay Ballard, son of William, and Judith Johnson, daughter of John,of Amelia County, 2-27-1776. William Ballard…